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Tips for designing a granny flat in Sydney

Granny flats are accessories to your home and thus their look must be great of the essence as they determine the look and feel of your residence. You do not want to have a very beautiful bungalow while the granny flat, on the other hand, looks otherwise. The intention of the granny flat does not matter as the granny flat is your property and your properties must be taken good care of. Therefore, designing your granny flat to become more presentable and increase the level of comfort in it is should be one of your resolution this month. This article as always will try helping you navigate the matters of designing your granny flat so as it can become your second haven. The tip[s of designing your granny flat includes.

Connect outdoor and indoor

When building in Sydney the granny flats can be designed using fewer resources to add to its comfort. One of the ways so connecting the outdoor world to the indoor. By this, I mean using the space available to create a space where the granny flat can be used to bask in the sun. This creates a modern feel and luxurious environment to people residing in the granny flat. You can do this by building a place where people can interact with the outdoor world like basking in the sun and connecting the space with the granny flat. In addition, taking advantage of the outdoor space brings to light in the granny flat thus making the comfort of the granny flat beyond reproach.

Finding new storage ways

Granny flats are not spacious in size; they only cover 60 square meters. Therefore, every space in the granny flat is very important and expensive. Storage if goods in the granny flat can take a great amount of space and thus make the granny flat seems so small and spacious. You can, therefore, design your granny flat in that the storage place of the items can be under the bed and the benches or even build shelves on the walls as storage surfaces. This will save a lot of space in the granny flat making it a luxurious place to live in.

Use great colours and mirrors

Because of the granny’s space, which is small, the room can look squeezed; this is where mirrors come into play. The use of different mirrors can give another perspective rather than the real one. For example, the thicker the mirror you are using to bring in light in the granny flat the more reflexive light it captures and thus creates a room look larger. Therefore, you can use two thicker mirrors opposite to each other, which creates sense of depth, which in turn brings the notion that the room is bigger and lighter. This will, therefore, give a feeling that the granny flat has a great amount of space which is not the case designing your granny flat does all the trick.

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