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Granny Flat Builders Northern Beaches

Looking for the right granny flat design and approvals may sometimes be a stressful process. However, the many modular building methods that have been introduced into the market have made things easy for everyone. This is mainly because you can now be able to get the right granny flat design at a very cost efficient and affordable rate.

Building From Manly To Avalon Including Narrabeen, Dee Why and Mona Vale

When it comes to granny flats, they are mainly of two types.

The detached granny flat.

This is the type of granny flat whereby the flat is placed external to the main home. This kind of granny flat has been found to be ideal especially if you have a large block of land to spare or if you do not mind having a separate dwelling. The granny flat may either be in the back yard of your property or the front.

1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Designs

This is the type of granny flat that is constructed as a kind of extension of the main home. An attached granny flat may also be already existing rooms in your main house that are then converted to be a granny flat. This type of granny flat is the best for either unused rooms or larger homes.

People tend to believe that a granny flat is said to be cheaper because you are not going to spend a lot of money on construction. Even though you may be making use of a structure that is already existing, this may not be the case. The cost that is usually involved in creating new features like an exit and an entrance and the cost that you may need when it comes to reinforcing the already existing room or structure may end up being expensive.

Northern Beaches Council Complying Development Approvals

Modular granny flats have been found to be beneficial compared to the conventional type of granny flats. Some of the benefits of a modular granny flat have been mentioned below.

  • It has been found to be way cheaper compared to the conventional kind of building
  • You will not have to lay a slab so that you can build your granny flat
  • The granny flat can be placed on the site when it is already 80% to 90% complete. This is very beneficial since it is going to minimize the number of disruptions that may affect the dwellers at the main house.
  • You can be able to transport the granny flat easily. This is also beneficial in that you can also be able to move the granny flat when you no longer need it.
  • If time is an important factor, this type of granny flat usually takes a shorter period. Therefore if time is a major factor this kind of granny flat should be included in your planning.

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