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Sydney Granny Flats Building Prices

Building a granny flat can take up some of your money, as they require a lot of permission and requirements in order to build it to full completion. The requirements you need is the permission by the local authorities which require some small payments, the architectural design of the granny flat will also add on to the tally of the resources that you will require to spend not forgetting the building cost. You therefore need to consider what you want to build and what you can affords never strain to build a design that requires a lot of money, which you cannot get. There are different types of granny flats all over the world that have distinct prices in case you want to build them or buy them. You therefore can choose the one that best suits your pocket depth. This article will outline the different granny flats you can build that you have and the prices that you need to cough out.

Freestanding granny flats

The free stand granny flat is a pre-built flat in that it can be transported by a lorry from one place to another you only need to just erect it to where you want and is done. This kind of granny flat is less expensive as it does not have a slab and thus the cost of slab is therefore not included in the price. The cost of a granny flat is approximately $100,000. This granny flat is less economical as it is already built to be sold, the labor you require is the transport from the point of purchase to where you want it to stand. Thus in case you are thinking of saving great amount of money in building a granny flat free standing granny flat is the best option for you and your needs.

Pre-fabricated granny flats

The prefabricated flat is the most common of all the rest o0f the granny flats in that it is affordable and has relatively good quality. These are the granny flats that are most popular among many residents in Sydney and are very attractive and thus attract the tenants very easily and thus you can be assured if tenants in case you need to recover your money in good time. They come in different prices regarding the size. The one bedroom prefabricated granny goes for around $69,000 whereas the two bedroom one goes for $90,000 and thus this type of granny flats have the necessary comfort you require. It can also be financed at a reasonable rate.

Custom made granny flats

As the name suggests the custom-made granny flats are those flats that are custom made according to your requirements and needs. What determined the price therefore is what you want included in your granny flats. Therefore, these type of granny flats have the best comfort levels among the rest. The cost or price of custom made granny flats ranges from $100,000 to $130,000.

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