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Rent Granny Flat in Sutherland Shire

Granny flats have over the years been advocated by the government in resolve of solving the housing problem in Sutherland this therefore means that the authorities get interested in the way it is being built.

The local authorities of Sutherland have come up with regulations that govern the building of the granny flats as their existence affects the lives of the residents of this area. These regulations considered strict by many people help put sense in the kind of flats built by the people.

Failure to follow the local authorities rules means that your flat will be put down or you will be taken to court to serve charges. The regulations must therefore be followed, this article will give you a sense of the regulations that have been put in place to regulate this area.

Must be built in a residential area

One of the requirement is that you must build the granny flat in residential area. You cannot therefore build a them where people do not stay or in towns.

This is because in the residential areas it has all the comfort that one requires in living his or her life. This therefore has over the years led to solving of the accommodation crisis that have been encroaching Sutherland.

This regulations help restrict people from discriminating against them as they are required to be built near or beside the main house of the landlord so as to place into sense the other peoples value. Dwelling becomes a granny flat in case it is located in a residential area and shares are near the main house.

Independent of itself

In this regulation, the flat must have all the necessary materials and requirements to stand-alone and where a person can stay without any problem. This means that the flat must have all the necessities of a house so that it can be comfortable as possible where one can live with even his or her family without problem.

You therefore need to provide the living room in the granny flat Sydney, a kitchen, a bathroom, and its own compound. This regulation helps protect the privacy of the tenants that are living there.

Area to cover

Granny flats are not houses where you can build using the place that you want. The authorities of Sutherland regulate an area. Flats must be built in a 60 square meter area of space for it to qualify to be a granny flat.

This makes it a small house with everything in it for human living and has the comfort levels of a house. In addition, the granny flat must follow the planning controls and meet all these requirements of the local authorities failure to which you will get into problems with the local authorities.

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