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Northern Beach Granny Flat Construction Project

The location of a building plays a vital role in design and functionality. Northern beaches is one of the places to be. People like living here especially because of the oceanfront environment. The view is amazing. If you are thinking of building a granny flat here, it’s very much recommended. However, it is not guaranteed that your granny home will deliver the quality you desire. There is a lot that goes into a granny project. You require proper decision making skills to see through your project as a success.


Like all other construction works, you need to plan in advance. Planning lays out the roadmap of what to expect along the various stages of construction. Think of what type of granny house you want to build. Do you have the budget to fund the project? On your own, you might not be able to do a thorough research and planning. That’s why you need to invite a professional who will help you know the right choices. Planning also brings out an aspect of contingency. There will always be certain challenges on the way. In northern beach, you can expect several of these including undulating slopes.


Putting the concept down on paper is very crucial. The design stage determines what features you are to include in the structure and which ones are not necessary. It is not a matter of copy pasting designs. Your design has to be custom to meet your specific needs. Some will require stairs, others won’t. Combine the designs with the surveys before applying for granny flats approvals.

 The contractor

You will require the personnel to make the project come to reality. That is the contractor. Although some people will attempt to do the DIY construction, it’s not recommended. You need a punctuated structure that you will be proud of. Where you are faced with challenges, ensure that you go for the best contractor. Professionalism is of essence if you demand quality.


Finally comes in the construction stage. You have the approvals, the designs, the materials and the personnel to breathe life into the granny flat. You can opt to go for pre-fabricated building method that is cheaper and faster. However, it will not offer the much needed flexibility. In-situ construction will also do where you need a flat custom to your needs. If you make the right choices, your flat will be up in time and on budget.

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