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Granny Flat Builders In Melbourne

There are many good reasons that Melbourne was ranked #1 in the EIU’s list of best places in the world to live. But with so many people wanting to relocate to this wonderful city, real estate is becoming more difficult to find.

The best solution to this problem is simply to build a granny flat. We are here to offer you and your family the perfect way to take advantage of your home’s ideal location.

Adding a secondary dwelling to your block is a great way to welcome friends and relatives, or to earn some extra rental income.

Approvals Process For Building in Victoria

Granny flats Melbourne Regulations:

  • It may only be built in areas zoned for residential use.
  • A limit of 1 additional, self-contained dwelling is permitted per property.
  • The owner/purchaser (note that this is not necessarily the inhabitant) must be the owner of the property on which the flat is built.
  • The maximum size of the granny flat is 60 square meters, unless the size of the primary residence requires it to be less.
  • As per definition, the flat must be self-contained; that is, it must have a kitchen, bathroom, and private entrance/exit.

Our expert staff knows all of the ins and outs of Melbourne’s Council regulations, so you never have to worry about permit types or deadlines, or whether or not your new addition adheres to zoning and other city regulations. The regulations for granny flat approvals in Sydney are a lot less involved.

We also offer a wide range of styles and designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With us, you never have to worry that your addition will look anything less than stunning.

Your granny flat will have all of the comforts and amenities of a primary residence, and all of the aesthetics too.

We invite you to browse through our designs and imagine the freedom and flexibility having one of our secondary homes on your property will offer.

With the recent relaxation of permits and restrictions on building secondary homes in Melbourne, more and more people are seeing this as the fantastic opportunity it is. We want to help you reap the benefits of this smart new trend sweeping that’s moving across the country.

Contact us today to learn more about increasing your home’s value with a new addition from I Granny Flats.

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