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Living in Adelaide Area

Adelaide is the prime living experience for both you and your family, and it is home to a huge range of different adventures and events.

Whether it’s the world famous Adelaide Arts Festival, Fringe Festival, the numerous sporting events such as cricket at the Adelaide Oval, or tennis, or even just the number of concerts and shows that can be found in the city every night, you’re sure to never be scratching your head looking around for something exciting to do! Adelaide really is Australia’s ‘Festival City’ – and the main time to get stuck in to festival season is during the spring, particularly during what is know as ‘Mad March’!

Additionally, Adelaide’s famous North Terrace is also home to a number of museums and libraries, and there you can immerse yourself in the rich heritage and diverse culture that Adelaide has to offer.

You can also partake in some retail therapy, not just in Adelaide’s impressive shopping centres and high streets, but also in the number of markets, where you can find an endless supply of fresh fruit and veg to take back to your Granny Flat and prepare a feast for your family and friends!

If you’re partial to a glass-or-two, Adelaide is also home to a number of world-renowned wineries, as well as an impressive community of different wine bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy them.

Diverse Setting

However, Adelaide is an incredibly diverse setting, and there really is something for everyone. If you’re not a fan of busy nightclubs then you’re only a short hop away from its relaxing beaches and quiet suburbs – and these beaches can be used pretty much any time of year due to the impressive climate! If you do not have access to a car then don’t worry – Adelaide’s impressive tram & railway system means you can get there in no time, and with ease.


Adelaide is also an incredible place to see the animals, and the very best site for that is Adelaide’s Kangaroo Island. Here you can find kangaroos (obviously!), ostriches, wallabies, koalas, and many more classically Australian animals exactly where they should be – in the Australian wildlife. It’s not just Australian animals you can find in Adelaide, you can also check out Adelaide Zoo where you’ll find tigers, pandas and many other animals that you wouldn’t expect to find in Australia!

And when all of the excitement of your adventure-filled days and nights gets too much, you can simply head back to your Granny Flat, custom built for you, and put your feet up to enjoy the warm buzz of Adelaide life from a distance. In your very own Granny Flat you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have comfort as well as style, and all set in the beautiful city of Adelaide.

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