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Best Granny Flat Designs And Prices

Planning is equally important to the actual building for any project. If you spend more time sharpening your axe, you will spend less time doing the cutting. The idea of adding an extra property within your property is of course a great one.

With a granny flat, you have some spare space to allow clearing of clutter, enough room for guests, growing teenagers or even your parents. In addition, it is also considered a valuable addition if you are considering renting it out or selling your home later on.

All these reasons are leaning to one point – value addition. So, are you getting the true value of your money with whatever granny flat design you are about to implement?

That depends. Our favourite flats may not be your favorite. That is because we all have our preferences and reasons to build one. We are hence dealing with variables here and not permanent features.

If my desires are achieved by a given granny design, then that’s my ideal flat. Here are however some checkpoints you need to remember.

Design your granny flats

Site survey

These are the physical features and the existing factors on your lot. Is the lot suitable for building a granny flat? If you are not sure, you better be as that might affect the mandatory approvals. If you can conduct the survey DIY, proceed right ahead.

Aspects to check include 149 certificate contract conditions, slope, sewer networks, availability of trees especially big ones, accessibility and whether additional parking is necessary. If you are not sure of what to do, you can hire a consultant to handle the task on your behalf.

If you find any roadblocks, you can know of how to accommodate or evade them in your designs. Site survey actually keeps possible complications at bay.

Online layouts and budget

Looking for the best layout will be the next mission towards achieving the goal of a dream granny house. If you are to build a DIY structure, then you need to seek best ideas of how your house will look like.

The internet can be a good resource to help you figure out the ideal design. Don’t expect to find final plans though. You are to get ideas that will help you come up with sketches. The sketches will further guide you on cost and budgeting so that you do your editing till you land at the perfect design.

If you are opting for an extension or conversion houses, designing might not be vital. Detached granny homes is where you will need precise designs.

Your needs and preferences

Of course the design will not be complete if it does not address your needs. If you are opting to increase the livable space to deal with clutter, you should consider designing a bigger granny flat.

If you opt for a private place for your dad, then you must make the designs reflect a comfortable and livable place and not a store; at least your dad deserves a nice place. You probably also may have a preferred design you long for. Go for it unless budget factors lock you out.

It is recommended that you work closely with an experienced designer from I Granny Flats Sydney to ensure that the flat comes out as intended in design stage.

Tips for designing a granny flat in Sydney

Granny flats are accessories to your home and thus their look must be great of the essence as they determine the look and feel of your residence.

The intention does not matter as they are your property and your properties must be taken good care of. Therefore, designing your granny flat to become more presentable and increase the level of comfort in it is should be one of your resolution this month.

This article as always will try helping you navigate the matters of designing your granny flat so as it can become your second haven. The tips of designing your flats includes.

Connect outdoor and indoor

When building in Sydney the granny flats can be designed using fewer resources to add to its comfort. One of the ways so connecting the outdoor world to the indoor.

By this, I mean using the space available to create a space where the flats can be used to bask in the sun. This creates a modern feel and luxurious environment to people residing in.

You can do this by building a place where people can interact with the outdoor world like basking in the sun and connecting the space. In addition, taking advantage of the outdoor space brings to light in the granny flat thus making the comfort beyond reproach.

Finding new storage ways

Granny flats are not spacious in size; they only cover 60 square meters. Therefore, every space in the is very important and expensive. Storage if goods can take a great amount of space and thus make the flat seems so small and spacious.

You can, therefore, design your flat in that the storage place of the items can be under the bed and the benches or even build shelves on the walls as storage surfaces. This will save a lot of space and making it a luxurious place to live in.

Use great colours and mirrors

Because of the granny’s space, which is small, the room can look squeezed; this is where mirrors come into play. The use of different mirrors can give another perspective rather than the real one.

For example, the thicker the mirror you are using to bring in light in the granny flat the more reflexive light it captures and thus creates a room look larger.

Therefore, you can use two thicker mirrors opposite to each other, which creates sense of depth, which in turn brings the notion that the room is bigger and lighter. This will, therefore, give a feeling that the granny flat has a great amount of space which is not the case. Designing your flat does all the trick.

Sydney Building Prices

Building a granny flat can take up some of your money, as they require a lot of permission and requirements in order to build it to full completion.

The requirements you need is the permission by the local authorities which require some small payments, the architectural design of the granny flat will also add on to the tally of the resources that you will require to spend not forgetting the building cost.

You therefore need to consider what you want to build and what you can affords never strain to build a design that requires a lot of money, which you cannot get. There are different types of granny flats all over the world that have distinct prices in case you want to build them or buy them.

You therefore can choose the one that best suits your pocket depth. This article will outline the different granny flats you can build that you have and the prices that you need to cough out.

Freestanding flats

The free stand granny flat is a pre-built flat in that it can be transported by a lorry from one place to another you only need to just erect it to where you want and is done.

This type is less expensive as it does not have a slab and thus the cost of slab is therefore not included in the price. The cost is approximately $100,000.

This type is less economical as it is already built to be sold, the labor you require is the transport from the point of purchase to where you want it to stand. Thus in case you are thinking of saving great amount of money in building a free standing flat is the best option for you and your needs.

Pre-fabricated flats

The prefabricated flat is the most common of all. It is affordable and has relatively good quality.

These glats that are most popular among many residents in Sydney and are very attractive and thus attract the tenants very easily and thus you can be assured if tenants in case you need to recover your money in good time. They come in different prices regarding the size.

The one bedroom prefabricated granny goes for around $69,000 whereas the two bedroom one goes for $90,000 and thus this type of granny flats have the necessary comfort you require. It can also be financed at a reasonable rate.

Custom made flats

As the name suggests the custom-made granny flats are those flats that are custom made according to your requirements and needs. What determined the price therefore is what you want included in your flat.

Therefore, these type of flats have the best comfort levels among the rest. The cost or price of custom made granny flats ranges from $100,000 to $130,000.

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