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Some Modern Granny Flat Design Inspiration

Granny flats used to be simple box like structures which could be prefabricated. As time passes on, building trends change. We continue to witness some of the modern styles in the construction of other homes including the bungalows. The big question is, ‘can these amazing features work for the granny flats?’ indeed, it’s a big yes. You don’t have to compromise anything on styles. All you need is a professional contractor who can bring the building trends into the compact structure. Attention to details, quality materials, proper finishing and punctuating touches will bring out the best of your granny flat. Check out some of the inspiring designs to go for hereof.


Open Plan Designs

The opposite of this is subdivision of the home. Open plans are trending in the construction industry. That’s because they tend to increase the usable space. Rather than have separate kitchen, dining and lounge, you can have them together in one bigger room. Go to any home these days and you will witness togetherness of the home designs.

Well-equipped kitchens

Even though granny flats are smaller in size, it doesn’t mean that you truncate some rooms. The kitchen remains an important part of every home. In fact, don’t hesitate to have the kitchen fully equipped. Have the modern appliances, bench space, quality finishes and ample cabinets in your kitchen. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, ensure that it can sustain luxury living.


Focus on the little features

One small mistake may be forgivable. It is when you make many small mistakes that your granny flats tend to appear faulty. When you attend to every small detail, your flat will appear modern. Quality manpower, excellent designs, perfect selections and proper planning are must-haves.

The external façade matters

You don’t need to calculate the value of a granny home if you have eyes. When something appears nice, the eyes will approve it right away. As you work on the interior design features, don’t forget the exterior features as well. Work on what will appeal you even before you step inside the granny flat. Consider that you will also require some resting place outside. Include a porch or a patio for that.


Contemporary baths

Together with the kitchen, bathrooms are vital rooms as well. Ensure that you have the bathroom well equipped as well. Go for the beautiful features, more storage space, bigger showers and go for whatever selections you know will work for you.


It is time to construct granny flats that are in line with the modern construction trends. Don’t just go for some space in a box. Ensure that the space, what you see and how you experience the I Granny Flat is nothing but luxury and comfort.

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