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Converting Your Garage Into A Granny flat

Poverty and some of the bad experiences we face in life are often seen as actions of the evil one. However, there are two ways to look at the issue. It is when the things are bad that you tend to open up your mind for better ideas. Well, when you don’t have enough space in your house, you will start thinking outside the box to see where the idle space is. Same case applies when you don’t have enough money. You will look for the ideas to make more money. The good news is that if you have a garage within the compound and no car to put in there, it might be just what you need. The idle space can be converted into something valuable such as a bedroom, granny flat or even an office. You can then rent out the granny flat and start earning money.

Why convert?

Well, if you need space, it only means that you build a new house or convert the small garage into habitable environment. Am double sure many will withdraw from the previous option claiming that they are not prepared for the huge budget involved. And that’s what makes the conversion option viable. First, the structure is right there. Most of the work has already been done leaving out just a few alterations that are cheaper to handle. The floor, the walls and sometimes even the roof are intact. No much struggles. It’s just a matter of adding what is missing.

Necessary additions

Well, you got the idea of conversion right. But the cake is half baked. Your garage still has a long way to go before it becomes a granny flat where anybody can comfortably call home. That absolutely calls for the addition of basic elements to make the shell make sense.

Elements that bring life into a building include internal cladding, insulation, ventilation, windows, painting, flooring, ceiling, doors etc. if there was a driveway leading to the garage, you can decide to remove it for the perception of a garage home to be washed away and that of a granny flat comes in. consider some plants inside and outside the flat for more comfort.


The process

This is a kind of a project that borrows heavily from the renovation construction projects. The process is basically made of;

  • Designs – it’s a vital stage that ensures that your needs are addressed including the amount of space you require, the layouts desired and what have you. At the design stage, you are able to see what it is you can expect and request for changes where you are comfortable.
  • Approvals – the local council needs to see your design drawings for approval. If they don’t let you proceed on, you have no option but to let go.
  • Building – the delivery point where your contractor does the actual wok of construction to finishing.

You will need a contractor who understands the best of remodeling to fully transform a garage into some beautiful livable space.

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