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Cost To Build a Granny Flat

Building any structure comes at a cost. The cost to be spent depends on what type of project is at hand. There is so much cost recommendations in the internet these days. Most of them are however misleading. Some people pick up the exaggerated low estimates and approach contractors with unrealistic budgets. You require some liveable space and not a store.

That means there are features to be included. Variations however do exist. Your granny flat is different from all others. If you need a house that you will be proud of living in, be prepared with around $100,000 to $150,000. But it could be less or more depending on certain features such as the ones discussed hereof.

What is included?

The price of course depends on what the granny flat is made of. This is a system made up of different components. Your granny home will include plumbing, insulation, earthworks, electrical, painting, cladding works and so on. These are the systems that make a granny flat a comfortable room that you will be proud of. Adding up the cost of installing all these systems will give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Method of building

The technique used to construct the granny flat also does matter. Some flats can be pre-fabricated. Others have to be constructed in-situ. One can easily see the prefabricated format as the cheaper option. However, there are costs that build up in the process of installations. You just don’t live in a shell. The flat requires further punctuations to make it comfortable for human housing.

Standard or luxury granny flats

It depends on how you roll. If you re after a simple house, then you bet cost will go slow on you. If you demand the high class level, then you must be prepared to pay the extra cost. What is included in the design and construction? The type of finishes, paint, kitchen, floor, insulation and what have you will dictate the cost. You will need to take some time to think what components you want in your small home. It can be a risky process though. If you go for the cheaper options, then it might come back to haunt you later demanding more input in the future.


These are mandatory before you construct the granny flat. Council fees can go as high as $12,000. If you demand for a custom design over a standard one, then the cost can shoot higher.

You can make the cost come down by converting the garage to a granny, or participate in executing some parts of the works such as landscaping.

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