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Granny Flats Parramatta

IGranny flats over the years have established themselves as a great source of additional income especially among the people of Parramatta. Granny flat is a small house built beside your main house, which has everything in it and can fully function as a home for anyone to stay comfortably. The granny flat has been used to address the housing shortage in the country and has served as additional method of income as you can rent it in case you need some money or income. When building a granny flat it is very important to consider certain aspects as granny flats are protected and cautioned by the authorities. This article will therefore give you detailed parameters that you ought to consider when building granny flats in Parramatta.

Area it covers

I Granny flats Sydney were established in order to solve the housing problem in the country. Thus, the government outlined the regulations that one ought to follow in case he or she is thinking of building a granny flat. A granny flat is not a bungalow in which you can build and stay, the government clearly stipulates that the granny flat should cover an area of 60 square meters. You therefore need to consider the area that that the granny flat will cover as it can bring you legal problems in case you fail to follow the instructions that are spelt. Building a granny flat that covers area above 60 square meters is against the granny regulations.

The independence of the granny

The granny flat as said before was established to cater for the housing problems mostly and to house grandparents. Therefore a granny flat must stand on its own which means that it must have all the necessities of a full house in which a person can live all his life without any problems. An extended room is not a granny flat, the granny flat must have its own living are, bedroom, shower, loo, and kitchen. This therefore makes it as comfortable as possible fo0r a person living with it. Therefore, in case you are thinking of building a granny flat in Parramatta you need to consider building granny flat that is self-sustainable and has all the comfort one needs.

Design to be used

The government has come up with laws and regulations governing the building of the granny flats. One of the regulations that you need to consider is the design of the granny flat. You do not determine the design of your granny flat. The authorities give an insight of how the granny flats must be designed thus you need to consult the local authorities to see the types of designs they have so as you can choose from the designs to build yours. Failure to following the design guidelines will lead to legal battles and possible demolition of your granny flat.

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