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Tips for Functional Granny Flat Design

Granny flats are the solution in the world of housing. They present a cheaper housing option that is convenient. If you have made up your mind to go for this granny flat projects, you are on the right track. But making the decision is one thing, implementing it is another. You need to pick one functional design that will work to meet your needs. In most cases, people do not have an idea of what design to go with. Where do you start? Worry not, I got some tips you can bank on hereof.

Consider your needs

Why are you building a granny flat? People have different reasons of seeking extra space. It is after you understand what purpose the structure is to serve, that you will be able to pick the best design. It could be an investment where you build a home for renting purpose. It could be need for secondary dwelling. When your kid is mature enough to become independent, you can put up a small structure to accommodate them. Other times, it is the seniors who are interested in living close to you but independently. The function will dictate the design.

Space required 

How you design a granny flat is not similar to a church design. Of course a granny is much more compact. You have to give it more attention to details. Granny flats can be of different sizes. Do you require a small one or a spacious one? Where it is just a home office, then you don’t need much space. You can pick a design that is simple enough to accommodate that. Where the house is supposed to serve as a full service dwelling, then you have to include a wide range of features.

Light up the house

Natural lighting is a necessity in construction. Whether the granny flat is to be used as a home or an office, then you have to consider the aspect of lighting in design. The doors and the windows play a crucial role here. It is how these openings are installed and their sizes that matter.


You have to think of finishes in the design stage as well. They affect the cost of the project. When it is a simple home you are creating, then you need just the standard features. Where you have to rent out the granny flat to clients, then you will be forced to include more aesthetics to lure in clients.

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Granny Flat Approvals Process

It is a dream for some people to have a granny flat around the yard. While working hard to avail the resources necessary to make the dream happen is mandatory, you also have to consider the laws. Your plan on its own attracts scrutiny from the local authorities. The big question is whether your project is compliant or not. On your own, it might be difficult to get council approval. With the help of experts, your application is fast-tracked. This saves time and keeps you stress free. So, what is the pathway to follow? Read on.

Preliminary planning assessment

It is the initial stage where you have to seek consultation. You engage an expert or an assistant to help you determine whether your project requires approvals or not. Where ‘yes’ is the answer, then you leave it for to the expert to increase the success chances.

Preparing documentation

You must present your case. This requires documentation of important docs. So, what are these documents that are vital in approval process? They include;

  • 149 certificate – this should be an important step to take. This is the document that contains all the crucial details. It is hence a major determiner. Your project qualifying with the SEPP rules is dependent on this certificate. If you have it with you, well and good. If you don’t have it, apply for one.
  • Sewer diagrams – you will build a granny flat outside your primary building. That is where the sewer systems are installed. You don’t want to uninstall the systems down there. That will be extra expensive. Sewer diagrams will help you determine the right spot.
  • Title search – you will need some space to build. Is the lot legally owned? Is there an easement that could limit your ownership rights? The title search will help answer these questions.

The application

You have options here. You can decide to go with a CDC option or the DA option. Your assistant will offer advice on which option best suits your case. CDC option is faster and time saving. DA option takes some time.


After you do the examination in the best way you can, you leave it for the examiner to do further scrutiny. That is to say that if no problem is noted in your application, then there you have it. Where there are some issues pointed out, then you have to correct those.

If you get it right up to this stage, it’s time to celebrate. Begin the construction work, and enjoy your extra income!

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