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Your Guide To Granny Flat Approvals

Your children are growing fast. They are already in teenage and they are becoming a nuisance. You cannot send him/her away from home. Containing him/her within the home environment will be a lovely idea. A similar situation could also come by if your grandma is on the way to your place for an extended stay. Granny flats tend to be the perfect solution. These are structures smaller than the primary home, however, building a granny flat requires some approval process. You don’t just bring up a secondary dwelling in the yard. The local authorities have to allow it. Otherwise, there are penalties and consequences for not complying with the rules.

Consent requirement

Granny flats are basically secondary dwellings. In some cases, complying development certificate is all you need. In other cases, you actually need to apply for granny flat approvals. What do the rules say? On your own, you could be making general assumptions that don’t add up. It is better to consult the appropriate legal minds to help you stay off penalties. A granny flat is an investment that you don’t want to stop once it’s started. Ensure that you get started in the right tone. Without proper control, people will built all manner of structures some with the intension of renting out.

The rules

Building housing units is something people do regularly around the world. However, secondary dwellings are a special case. You just don’t build a secondary dwelling. Although it is a form of housing that is supported by the government and local authorities, you have to follow the right channels to acquire approvals. It depends on what type of granny flat you are planning to build. It can be a detached house, an extension, conversion and even a portable home.


Where you are not sure of what to do, then you should seek assistance.


Too many experts out there can help you get the approval fast enough. It starts by you inviting an expert to guide you through the process. You need the expert opinion to determine whether you do require the approval or not. In the event you have to acquire approvals, then you have to know how to approach the matter. Note that without that success, you risk attracting penalties.

Affordable renting housing under the state environmental planning policy SEPP enlists the standards to be met when building secondary dwellings.

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Why you should avoid transportable granny flats and cabins

Secondary dwellings are always valuable additions. It is a nice way of making the most out of your lot. You have more livable space where teens or grandpas can reside undisturbed. A small structure is what comes to the mind when you hear of ‘granny flats.’ However, granny flats can be in several forms. First, it can be ideal picture which is a detached house within the yard. Second, it could be an independent structure extended from the primary home. Third, it could be a garage conversion. Lastly, it can also be a cabin which is portable. Your option depends on what will work best for you.

Transportable granny flats come with a number of benefits including flexibility, no need for expensive foundations, use as storage homes and cheaper to acquire. However, there is the other side of portable cabins that could make you change your mind. Here are some reasons why.

Not settling

We have already said that the portable cabins do not require foundations. However, the foundations play an important role in construction. They help the building settle and provide stability to the building. Without the foundation, the cabin is vulnerable to shifting. The integrity of the structure could also be misaligned so that doors seem not to shut as expected. Many will prefer to have a concrete slab below the cabin which in itself is an added cost.

Wind risk

Some areas are prone to winds. And not just any winds but strong ones. In such areas, there is a risk of the house being blown away. You don’t want to feel insecure inside your home. Everybody wants a house where they are comfortable. You may still require further stability features in the form of augers. This method helps to hold down the house securing it.

No approvals

Under the affordable rental housing SEPP, it is impossible to approve cabins. That is because they are not categorised under buildings. Mobile structures are not regarded as buildings according to the department housing. However, all is not lost. You can still get them approved through the local government act section 68. It should also be noted that relocatable homes are considered illegal in most of the local councils. Before you buy one, ensure that it is allowed within your region. After approval via section 68, then you may not require construction certificate.

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