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Approval Process for Building a Granny Flat in Sydney

Granny flats are growing in popularity all around Australia. That’s because they tend to solve the housing problems modern people face. Granny flats are perfect places for teens and seniors to live and reduce congestion in the family house. These structures also provide extra living spaces where you can live or rent out.

However, there are regulations to be followed when building granny flats. Every granny flat has to meet approval requirements. There are several ways to get approval. CDC compliance route works best for those in a hurry while development application DA is suitable for those who can wait.


Effective Designs

So, what is being approved? It must be the design together with the building site. You need an expert to help you through the process. It could be your designer or lawyer helping you out. They will take your design brief into consideration and help determine whether your project is suitable. Surveys are necessary at this stage. Affordable housing laws also have to be complied with as the role of granny flats is to provide affordable housing to the people of Sidney.

Complying Development Documentation

You will need to complete the necessary documentation. These include architectural plans, engineering plans, water sewer approval, energy efficiency ratings and home owners insurance. Key documentations also include 149 certificate. You may already have this one. If you don’t have it, apply for it. It’s mandatory. Title search is also crucial. It is the one that determines the legality of building in the selected lot. With all these, then you can relax and wait for the outcome. They will also guide you on what approval process is suitable for you.

Other requirements needed for a Development Application

There is so much your project has to go through before you get approval. There are certain setbacks that could stand in your way. Among these include distance from the boundaries, privacy concerns, maximum height, property size, distance to trees and so on. If you follow the right process, then the approval will take a short time. It is the main reason you need legal assistance.

Constructing a granny flat is in line with the modern societies. Anything standing in the way need to be addressed in advance to have a smooth approval process. If you are not careful, then you might end up incurring more costs than you had planned. That could be a setback especially where the granny flat is an investment and not a domestic residence.

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