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Granny Flat Builders In Adelaide

We’re here to offer you and your family the ideal compliment to your primary residence. As residents already know, the beautiful countryside of Adelaide offers a peaceful life to its inhabitants.

With it’s ‘small-town’ atmosphere and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder that those who live here love to call it home. And building a granny flat is the perfect way to improve the value and attractiveness of your cherished home.

With a granny flat, house guests will be delighted to have a cottage of their own, and elderly family members can retain their independence while living close by.

Likewise, extended families can live close by, while still enjoying their privacy. Or, you can simply enjoy the expansion of your home to add another wing to your existing, primary residence.

Granny Flats Adelaide Regulations:

  • Granny flats can only be constructed in residential zones.
  • Only 1 additional, self-contained dwelling is permitted per property.
  • The owner/purchaser (but not necessarily the inhabitant) must be the owner of the property on which the flat is built.
  • The maximum size of the flat is 60 square meters.
  • Flats must be self-contained, with a kitchen, bathroom, and private entrance/exit.

If the required paperwork seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our expert staff is here to handle all the permits, deadlines, zoning, and and other city regulations, so you can focus on what’s most important: continuing the construction of your dream home.

We invite you to please take a few moments to browse through our catalog of styles and designs, and can choose the one that best suits your needs. Thanks to our many available options, your addition can blend with the appearance of your existing home, or stand out with a style all its own.

No matter what its function is, we guarantee that your granny flat in Adelaide will have all of the comforts and amenities of a primary residence, and all of the visual appeal as well.

We have the experience and expertise to help you through each step of this process. Established in Sydney in 2017 with offices across Australia,  Just imagine all the freedom and flexibility that having one of our secondary homes on your property will offer, and let us make it happen.

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