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6 Granny Flat Layout Ideas

Some decades ago, housing was very simple. Nuclear families dominated in Australia. Today, things have changed. The seniors are living for more years. Teenagers are also not departing their homes. You will hence notice that most of the homes adopt the extended family format. Affordable granny flats appear to be the solution to decongest homes. These are small homes within homes. They could be extensions, a garage converted into a home or a small house build within the yard. One constant feature about granny flats is that they are compact. One has to be creative to come up with the best layout that not only adds value to the granny flat itself, but the general home as well. Here are topping ideas.


Include a patio or veranda

Well, the granny flat has to appear like a real home. To bring out the difference of this small home and the yard store, include some aesthetic features. A patio at the front is always an architectural feature that adds value to your home. If a patio is not possible, then you can try a veranda or a porch.


Front openings

Even as you think of the beautifying features, ensure that you stick to the approval requirements. You are going to spend money in the project. You don’t want that to go in vain when you fall in trouble with the local authorities. Having a front door and window is part of the SEPP requirement. It makes the granny flat have the home appeal.


Get compact

Granny homes appear small. You need to plan on how to maximize the living space right from the design stage. Granny homes are not the place for hallways. Ensure that you increase the livable space and eliminate dead space.


Go for flat roofs

You need caution when building a granny flat. Any deviation from the rules could lead to penalties. The maximum height for a granny flat is about 3.8 meters. It’s logical that flat roofing will be the most convenient. With a concrete roof, you will increase some space upwards to 2 levels if you wish. Pitched roofs will call for additional height which could be risky. Flat roofs provides more integration and are more appealing for a small house


Let the bath border the kitchen

There are building costs to be incurred. When the bathroom is near to the kitchen, cost of plumbing is very much reduced.

There are many ideas for granny flat plans. Who will live in the flat often determines what ideas make sense and which one doesn’t.

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