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Can you build a 2 level granny flat?

Granny flats are known to be small livable spaces set aside for the aged. This definition is outdated though. They can be habitats to the visitors, teenagers  living with parents, in-laws, and even tenants.

The modern Sydney granny flats are not only for the grannies as the name suggests. They can be home to anyone. The fact that they are self-contained means that anybody with a sober mind can be accommodated comfortably inside there. Even though they might be seen as small houses, some of them occupy large areas where you can live with a family.

2 way interpretation

The first view of this topic question can be easily understood in layman language. And the answer is definitely yes. People are able to build 100 and over floor tower, what about a 2 floor studio. The second interpretation is however hidden. That’s where the issue of local councils and legal factors come in. while it is possible to construct if the permit is granted, it is also risky to build a structure that is considered illegal by law. Granny flats are popular homes in Australia. However, they too are regulated by housing act and they can’t be let to replace the normal housing. They are hence only allowed in appropriate situations and mostly in sub-urban areas. If your designs pass both questions, then you are in.

A taller granny

Your local council is likely to dispute your idea intending to build a 2 level granny flat. That’s because they are yet to go viral like their 1 level flats. But even the naming needs to be corrected. A granny flat to an engineer can be interpreted to mean a 10 storey building only to realize it’s a tiny residence usually a maximum of 2 bedrooms. The truth however remains that building such taller structures is possible. In fact, it is even more beneficial as it brings more space on board whether for domestic use of renting out. With more space, you can include everything you require to call the flat a home including, a bathroom, a kitchen, deck and other systems.

Garage tower

One of the places where the idea of 2 level granny flats has been implemented is the garage. In most homesteads, there is always space occupied by a garage that is never in use. In such homes, it becomes sensible to convert the garage into something better rather than a mare storage for equipment. Converting the garage into a granny flat or an office are considered better ideas. However, you may not be required to change the garage. What you may need is the space above the garage. You add another level on top of the garage leaving the garage intact but with enough livable space up there.

The cost of building a 2 level granny flat is higher but the returns might also be on the same wavelength in magnitude.


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