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Choosing A Functional 2 Bedroom Granny Flat Design

Housing continues to be a topic issue around the globe. With time, the cost of housing seems to be on the rise. Where cheaper options are available, then its hallelujah. Sydney Granny Flats are seen as the cheaper options. You don’t have to invest big monies to build one. They are smaller structures that serve as complete and independent homes.

Granny flats are also flexible structures. They can be built in different methods, different sizes and for different purposes. The choice depends on the owner and what he/she wants to do with the structure. A complete 2 bedroom granny flat for example is spacious enough for a small family. It has all the systems including plumbing, kitchen, lighting, insulation and what have you. The point is, the comfort is there if you may. The question should be who is best suited to call this place home?


After you retire, it’s not the end of life. You still have many more days to spend. How do you spend it? Some will consider buying a farm house in the suburbs. Others will like to continue with normal life. One fact is that income is no longer as it used to be. Even though you receive pensions, your total income will be much reduced. Will you be able to sustain your housing rents? Will it be sustainable to continue living in the big house? Maybe yes, maybe no.. The small structure has everything you need in a home. Rather than walk out of the city, you can have shift to a granny flat. 2 bedroom is enough space for your family.


Everybody wants to experience the best during the twilight days. A granny flat is a nice way to close the chapter. Seniors need not be far away. They are vulnerable and hence need to be closer to caregivers. It could be the kids living in the primary home. At old age, you don’t need a bungalow. A granny flat s perfectly fitting.

Newly married couples

Modern societies show a trend where parents live longer and kids continue to live with the parents for long. There is hence a risk of congestion and loss of privacy as time passes by. They provide the extra space where the youth can move in and bring his girl on board for marriage. It could serve as their home before they think of other bigger ambitions.

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