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Reliable - Affordable - Efficient

I Granny Flats is the perfect choice if you want a reliable builder that will have your granny flat built quickly, to the highest standards at competitive prices.

Our team takes care of all aspects of your construction so you can relax knowing you will get exactly what your expecting - on time and on budget. Our team will manage:

  • Design and Architectural Drawings
  • Council Approvals
  • Site Preperation
  • Full Construction
  • Final Cleanup and Handover

Custom Granny Flat Solutions

We build granny flats for 3 main purposes:


Make room for growing children, adult children saving for a deposit, or parents looking to downsize.

Investment Properties

Increasing the rental yield on your investment property with an extra $500-$700 a week in rental income.

Renting Your Backyard

Turn your unused backyard space into cashflow of up to $700 a week.

Our Features

We are the best option if you are looking to build a granny flat in Sydney - Heres Why

Best Prices On Quality Construction

While there are some competitors that might be slightly cheaper short term, we believe that our prices at 20% cheaper than the other companies offering a similar quality build. Long term we will be the best value!!

Long Lasting Quality

We take no shortcuts with the quality on our constructions. You can relax knowing your investment wont become an ongoing headache of defects and repairs.


We have extensive processes in place to ensure your build will be delivered on time, and on budget. No more waiting around for builders and tradies who are late or dont show up!!

Effective Communication

Our founders didn't start in the building game, so we appreciate how valuable effective communication is when you are building. Our project managers will keep you updated every step of the way.


Want to know if a granny flat will work for you?


As long as your block is a minimum of 450 m2 and you have enough space for a granny flat there is a good chance your block is suitable. If you are unsure call our team on (02) 8488 8005 ad they can confirm on the phone for you.


Your rental return will obviously depend on location but we see an average return of $450 - $700 pw in Sydney.


90% of our clients are able to get approval within 2 weeks through a private certifier. This allows you to get building approval, without having to get a DA, or go through council.


Absolutely, In NSW it has been legal to lease a granny flat since 2009.


Our patented construction system allows us to have the industries quickest build times, usually we can complete within 4-6 weeks from approval.


We have in house architects, draftsman and interior designers that provide a totally custom design and finish for your granny flat.


Welcome to I Granny Flats, Australia’s industry leader in providing comfortable, additional living space. Whether you’re looking for an affordable, attractive solution to your family’s growing needs, or a way to keep your home office separate from your family life, I Granny Flats is your one-stop source for courteous, experienced, professional assistance.

With years of experience and a trusted name, you can rest comfortably knowing your latest building project is in good hands. With so many styles to choose from, deciding which one will serve you best can be a challenge. Our experts can walk you through the process step by step, ensuring that your needs are met.

Navigating the murky waters of building codes, city ordinances, approvals, and all of the other necessary legalities on your own is overwhelming. Instead, allow our experts to guide you quickly through the process. We will make sure everything is in order, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Areas We Cover

Sydney Area

Sydney is Australia’s metropolis, and home to the largest natural harbour in the world, alongside a number of different tourist attractions, shopping centres, and much more! Owning granny flat in the Sydney area would give you access to all of these wonderful scenes, whilst also offering you a relaxing little escape from the bright lights and classic Sydney celebrations.

Time and time again, Sydney is ranked amongst the top cities in the world to live - and living in a granny flat will only add to that fantastic living experience!

Melbourne Area

Surrounded by a number of impressively picturesque mountain ranges, Melbourne certainly is one of Australia’s most pleasing cities on the eye. Its multiculturalism and rich heritage are just two of the main things that make Melbourne such a creative, thriving, and successful city, and that only shows signs of improving as the city looks to protect its sites of cultural importance, and carry them forward for the next generation.

Not only this, but Melbourne is the perfect place for a small granny flat, and its beautiful suburbs will provide the excellent setting you need to put your feet up in your very own!

Brisbane Area

Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest cities, possessing a rich heritage and having hosted a number of famous sporting events over the past centuries. It is also home to the amazing Brisbane river and heaps of other outdoor adventures such as lagoons, and the Kangaroo Point cliffs - which you can abseil down if you’re an adrenaline junkie!

Living in granny flat in Brisbane is an all-round fantastic experience, not just because of the above things, but also due to its wealth of restaurants, bars, theatres, and just about anything you can think of to provide you with some entertainment. And when all that’s done with, you can go home to your very own granny flat and put your feet up away from the hoo-ha of the city life.

Adelaide Area

Living in Adelaide is a lot like living in your very own paradise, with its picturesque sights, an impeccable climate, and endless supply of activities for you and your family. Whether it’s Adelaide’s flourishing arts scene, the spacious green spaces, or even its sporting arenas, you’re sure to never be short of something to do when living in the area.

Living in granny flat in the Adelaide area is only going to add to that wonderful living experience, and will allow you to have your own little sanctuary away from the busy city life.

Perth Area

Sitting atop where the Swan River meets the southwest coast, Perth’s beautifully sandy beaches will provide the perfect setting for those nice relaxing days by the sea. Not only that, but Perth is also home to the nation’s state ballet and opera companies, which is perfect for those sophisticated nights out of entertainment, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with Perth’s cultural heritage.

You can enjoy this all from the comfort of your Perth Granny Flat, which will provide the perfect base for you whilst you enjoy the innumerable goings on!

Is A Granny Flat Right For You?

Family Needs

Granny flats are an ideal way to give senior family members independence while keeping them close by. They’re also a great choice for adult children; with the cost of living rising every year, it’s difficult for young adults to make it on their own.

Adding a granny flat to your property enables you to give your kids the help—and the space—they need, while still providing you with the peace and quiet of an empty nest.

Home Office

Working from home means bringing business into the sanctuary of your family life, and inviting clients into your private home rather than a proper office. But with a granny flat, these problems disappear.

We can help you keep your home a place for family and relaxation, while offering your clients a professional business atmosphere. At the end of the work day, you can close the office door and walk across the lawn into your home.

Studio Space

Perhaps you need more space for your hobby or after-work job. With our services, you can create a sound studio for your band, a writer’s retreat, or any other outlet you like.

The uses are as limitless, and the choice is simple. I Granny Flats Sydney is here to help you decide what style best suits your needs, determine what permits are required, and let you sleep easy.

Allow us to take the stress out of building your addition: Let I Granny Flats work for you.

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